I'm sorry I haven't posted for over 24 hours. I have several "big" posts in the pipeline, but I don't want to force them. They have to be good.

However, I have no expectations of this post. So yeah, sorry.

I am way too addicted to blogging now. Seriously, it consumes a fair amount of my thinking. I check my site meter at least 5 times a day, checking to see what random things people have searched for on Google and found me by. Did you know that some people have found this site by searching for:

body mod librarian (I have no idea why. Maybe someone out there just really digs librarians with their labret pierced.)
falling skirts (Somehow, I don't think their intentions were too honourable. And no, I'm not going to link to the search.)
ode to be an emo (I'm number 1 in the search results. The scene kids will be well jealous. Innit.)
getting buff (I'm sure I helped. I am at the peak of fitness after all.)(Yeah, that was a lie.)

You know how I ranted loads about Firefox before? And how I was mad, because few of you used it? I am less mad now. 54% of you use it now, apparently. My anger has subsided. Walk towards the light, my pretties. Walk towards the light.

I'm not talking much sense because I drank an entire 1 litre smoothie before. You see, I was tired this afternoon, so I curled up infront of my laptop for warmth (Sort of like a postmodern fireplace?) and had a nap. I drooled so much it was unbelievable. Anyway, I didn't have enough time to make lunch tonight, so in town I purchased the smoothie. It tasted so good, but the vitimin C high is intense. It was orange and mango flavour and from Morrisons.

Its the 4th July on Tuesday. Being British, I generally don't celebrate it, but I am this year. Anyway, there's going to be a big party, and I said I'd bake something. I went a bit crazy last night with the baking. I made a blueberry cake and chocolate brownies. They tasted good actually. But anyway, pictures. Here they are.

Notice my hand made wife apron? My mummy made that for me. I am domesticated, am I not? Just ignore the cocoa stains on the apron. The mushroom cloud incident could have happened to anyone. Shush. And yes, that is me doing a mirror shot in a kettle. See, its like a domesticated myspace pose. Sort of.

Emily introduced me to a band called Selah today. I downloaded their Greatest Hymns album from iTunes, which is awesome. I do love old hymns more than the average blogger, but they are ace. Make me sleepy though.

My average daily viewings of this thing have gone up by 200%, on average. At one point it was 600% - I think that was more like from 1 views a day to 6 though. Score! It worries met that the thing that people seemed to enjoy the most was me mocking random innocents though - to ease my guilt, you can now rate this blog. So if you think I'm cruel and heartless, your vote will reflect that. I'll get the hint.

Speaking of hotornot, it is more evil than I even dreamed of. Not only does it vote me lower than my competitive friend, who shall remain nameless for now, it also only gives me high scores when I show at least a bit of flesh. I think now I will see how low a score I can get. I tried that once before, it was surprisingly hard - your photo gets denied if its obviously a joke.

Ok, I think I've spent too long here now. Way too long. I'm sorry, blog readers. This won't happen again.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Can any of you remember hotornot? I can. I used to spend a big bulk of my time there, putting in photos of my friends and letting the world rate them on a scale of one to ten, purely by looks. Its awfully addictive. Really wrong, but very addictive indeed.

Being a competitive person, I've spend the best part of my teenage life trying to get a really high score that I can boast about. Unfortunetly, that's never happened as of yet. The highest I've ever got was a 9.6, and that was for an elusive 2 hours, after I'd persuaded my friends to vote for me about 50 times. If you want to help me out, I now have a handy little button on the right of this site where you can check out my measly score and mock. And also vote. Highly.

Anyway, hotornot is not just a morally corupt rating site. It also has a "Meet Me" section, where you can woo all the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. I thought I'd give it a try, and see what I got.

So I present to you, the most eligible, attractive and generally marriage worthy men of hotornot.

Meet Jeff. Jeff wants to meet me. I feel honoured. Among his interests, Jeff lists "children," "sex," and "medium girls." I want to know what medium girls means - like medium sized? Age wise? Or medium raw, like a steak?

I'll have to think about it. I'll get back to you, Jeff.

Meet Shane. He Puts A Capital Letter Infront Of Every Word He Types. Shane enjoys bigging it up to Tupac and Eminem. I presume in his spare time, Shane writes angry rap lyrics about the problems that face a white guy from a posh neighbourhood who's trying to make it big in da ghetto. (And Shane, your white outfit does not make you look less white in comparison. It makes you look like an advert for fabric softener. Stop it.)
This guy needs locked up. Right now. He says he enjoys "cracking the operating sysem of the mind, then finding the format formula." Yeah, that really makes me want to date you. I can so imagine that photo on Crimewatch too, after he killed an entire family using his laser force field alone. I just dont think it would work out.

I love this guy. He's the most horrific attempt at a walking stereotype I've ever seen, and I love him. First, read his blurb.

hey I'm Clayton I'm 6'9", 18 years old, I live in West Jordan UT, and I like rock and techno. also I'm working on my own comic strip and learning to play the bass.
Let me list the reasons why this guy is a stereotype on very long legs -
1. The hair. Its the whole "I'm too emo for my face" look.
2. The camera angle. Scene baby, yeah!
3. He's taken the picture in the bathroom. Obviously his mom would tease little Clayton if she caught him taking photos of himself, so he has to hide in the bathroom with the digicam he nabbed off his little sister.
4. He left the toilet lid up. Yeah, we want to see that. That really makes me want to rate you highly dude. At least he left the seat down though. No toilet roll though, that could be messy.
5. His so kewl emo shirt. Clayton, you are so origional for wearing that. I totally diggit.
6. How he obviously took the photo of himself. I admit I do alot of this myself, but I usually at least try and hide it. No, we get his emo arms too. Yahoo! Party time in Clayton's bathroom!
7. The blurb. Oh, the blurb. He's working on his own comic strip. And he is learning to play the bass. I dont think I can take anymore. I want your emo babies, Clayton.

Ok, this guy is obviously eligible. He's wearing pyjamas AND a cat. Not just anyone could pull that look off. I don't think PETA would approve though somehow.

What confuses me though is how he's keeping such a straight face. I want to know - did he pose for this photo, or did someone catch him unaware? If he posed, I'm worried. Dude, girls may dig cute furry kitty cats and funky accessories, but they never normally combine in our minds in this particular manifestation. If he was caught unaware, I'm equally worried - surely that can't be healthy for the cat? He looks as if he's flossing his neck with the thing. Hawt, I say. You work that look, my friend. I salute you.

What is it with all the scary white rappers now? I've seen far too many tonight. This guys blurb really doesn't need commenting on. This stuff writes itself.
Whats really good my name is Brandon im 20 from the BURGH!! My boys call me casanova cause of my way with the ladies and cant nobody do the things i do so if your interested ladies then click YES
Uh, yeah. "Can't nobody do the things I do." Your grasp of the English language doesn't really cut it for me.

This guy had me at hello. Check out his blurb.
22, and i sing for a melodic death metal group...yep, that's right...i'm in the BAND!!! I also enjoy, good food, good people and a lot of crazy crap on the walls...
He's in a band?? Phwoar! And not just any band, he's in the band. If I dated him, all the other melodic death metal fangirls would be well jealous. You can tell his band must be dead successful, because he has to hide his eyes with those sunglasses, even when he's indoors in a darkened room. And only someone really cool could get away with that hairstyle. This musical hunk also enjoys bands like Rotting Christ and Cannibal Corpse.

Marriage material, I say.

I think this post sums up why I am single.

Monday, June 26, 2006

There's a verse in Malachi 3 that describes God as a refiner of gold and silver. There's a great article on Virtuosity that talks about what this means, but I'll paraphrase it here.

When refining, the silversmith has to hold the silver in the middle of the flames the whole time, in the hottest place, so as to get rid of all the impurities. The silversmith has to sit infront of the fire the whole time watching - leaving it in for even a moment too long would destroy it. He won't leave it alone.

A woman asked the silversmith how he knows when to take it out of the flames. He answered, "When I see my image in it."

God sometimes has to refine us too. When things are great and rosy and beautiful, the bad attitudes, the childhood pain, the secret sins don't show themselves. We carry on being ungodly. Stuff is easy, and nice, and pretty, but superficial. We say we depend on God, but we have nothing to depend on Him for. Other people love us, other people need us, other people have plans for us. We just pay lip service to our creator.

God wants more of us than that. We weren't created to be half hearted, we were created for passion - willing to give up everything that is dear to us for the sake of Christ. God wants us to love Him enough to lay down all of our life before Him, to trust Him enough to follow Him to the ends of the earth. And we need the hard times, the times when the flames are burning all around us and we can't see a way out, to teach us to depend on God. So we can say with conviction that God is our rock, our lover and our guide.

God isn't some sort of masochist, enjoying watching us suffer. No, he sits by the fire also, feeling the hurt with us, and watching, waiting, waiting for it to be over. Loving us exactly as we are, but loving us too much to leave us like that. Looking forward to the day when we rely on Him totally, just as we were created to do.

I'm being refined at the moment. It hurts like crazy. Everything I used to hold on to is slipping away, and I'm slowly being left with nothing but God to rely on. I'm not dealing with the process gracefully - I've done my fair share of kicking and screaming along the way. I didn't realize what was happening for a long time - I thought God had left me, he'd given up on me, and I had to get myself out of this mess before I could even dare to dream of being close to God again.

I was wrong. God never leaves me, and doesn't put conditions on when I can approach him and when I can't - I'm never too unclean for God. And while I thought that I was far from God, he was actually with me all the day, waiting patiently for me to fall back into His arms and be free of the things I'm holding onto.

Now I've realized that, things are easier. The refining hurts daily and I can't wait for it to be over. I dont want to hurt like this anymore, I want things to work out and I want to be healed, but it hasn't happened. I know why though now, and that at least gives me a sense of peace.

I used to have this idyllic dream of the Christian life. I always imagined by now that I'd be waking up at 6 for an early morning bible study, have a dependable mentor who I could talk to about my little sins ("I feel awful! I've sinned so bad, I only prayed for two hours this morning...") and have encouraging chats daily with a close knit group of friends. And ofcourse, all the regular, meaningful worship. And I'd have the entire of Romans memorized, in at least 3 different versions. You get the idea. There'd also be alot of group hugs.

Life isn't like that. Life is messy. Bad things happen and I do alot of bad things myself. Some things haven't changed, many things have, but only some of them for the better. But instead of screaming out for escape, I now also cry out to God saying "Less of me God, more of You. Less of me Lord, more of You," again and again, because thats all I can cry. This may be the only time in my life where God will get the chance to refine me.

Holiness hurts. Dying to self is as fun as it sounds.

Less of me God, more of You. Less of me God, more of you. Please.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I adore Google Image Search. Its not only very useful, but also a great time killer. It was one of the happiest moments of my life when I realized that you can find my photo on there. I was equally delighted when I found out that I wasn't the only person who adored it with such a passion. There is a site called GISB, which is dedicated to searching for words and laughing at the obscure results.

Its a great hobby for nosy people like me - you get to look in complete and utter strangers photo albums. Also, some of the results are just so off, you can't help but laugh.

So today, I present to you what Google Image Search thinks when I give it my full name.

I love these guys. This photo is off a website detailing some guys travels around the world, and their spiritual journey. You can tell by the beards, stick and that bushy hair that they're a spiritual bunch.

Apparently just after this photo was taken (Its referred to as "The Group of 12" - I presume the 12th member is some sort of earth spirit?) they all went off to the woods to create "a spiritual place for the group to use for certain exercises and ceremonies." For the rest of the week, they learned to navigate "the vast spiritual realm." The narrator is concerned about his abilities at this however, saying that he has a "busy mind - possibly busier than most." Poor guy. That must really hurt. The trees will hate you.

(And why does that guy have a banana on his head? Does it help him navigate the spiritual realm of yellow fruits?)

This frog makes me laugh. Apparently he's a pac man frog and his name is Sugar. He used to have his own website, but sadly it no longers exists. I am gutted. I wish Sugar well, and hope he navigates the spiritual realms of the after life with speed and dexterity.

This photo confused me at first, because the woman appears to be massaging the giant fibreglass turtle. I've seen stranger things on Google, but its still not normal. After investigating the site further, apparently its part of a community based project based on all the cows in Chicago. I'm sure there will be much community cohesian involved for all.

I think the blurb off the website says it all.

SCA Household of Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy & Duchesse Sabine de Rouen, located
in the Middle Kingdom, Barony of Flaming Gryphon. Our household is comprised
of many fighters, artisans, and good gentles dedicated to service in the Society for
Creative Anachronism.
Apparently, the Middle Kingdom consists of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, a part of Iowa, and a part of Ontario. I know I personally think of Kentucky straight away when I think of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon.

I have no idea who this guy is. However, he appears to have fallen asleep, so worn out is he by his playing of his small guitar. I presume its a banjo of some sort. Apparntly his name is name is Tiny Tim. Poor Tiny Tim. People named "Tiny" must really get hassle at school. No wonder he had to resort to playing such a rediculous excuse for an instrument.

This photo has the particularly promising title of "bedphoto2a." It is a couple called Scott and Vickie Beck, and they perform together in the Baltimore area. Apparently they enjoy doing love songs the most, because their love for each other "sort of bubbles up through the music." They also enjoy performing in coffee shops and at christenings.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I have finished every single essay I have to write until I go to college.

Its 1.41am and I am exhausted.

Good night.

PS - Seriously, how snazzy is Foxytunes? I cant believe I used to actually bother changing windows to change iTunes tracks. Its just so primitive. Ugh.

I have a sitemeter now. You cannot hide your secrets from me anymore.

I have discovered that most of you come here because of the constant bulletins I post on my myspace. I also discovered that most of you stay here for 10 minutes and 10 seconds, and click on about 4 different links while you're here. Most of you are British except for one brave person from Singapore, and nine charming charactors from accross the pond. Hello there!

What shocked and saddened me the most though, is the details of the web browsers you all use. Most of you still use Internet Exploror 6. I can forgive you, my brothers and sisters, if this purely through ignorance. After all, how can you know the truth if you haven't heard?

I know Internet Exploror is the only browser you have experienced, and you might dislike change. I realize that you have got yourself comfortable, and may not want to be ridiculed by your peer group, but there is another way. A way that is good and right and true and whole.

That was is Firefox.

Firefox is the way, the truth an the light. No one will fully experience the web in all its fullness without Firefox. Let go of your old ways, and cling onto Firefox with all your might, soul and strength. You will not regret it.

Why Firefox, you may ask?

  1. Firefox is faster than Internet Exploror. Its a top quality web browser, and nothing more.
  2. It is extremely customizable. If you want more than a top quality web browser, just download add ons and themes. Theres hundreds out there which make surfing the web rediculously easy. Like Foxytunes - its like a toolbar that you can use to control your music player, but without switching windows. Handy, ay?
  3. Speaking of easy, what about tabbed browsing? I realize that the latest IE has this also, but Firefox was there first. So ha, in yo face IE!
  4. You can make it look pretty. It starts off pretty darn stylish to begin with, but there's countless skins available to make it look just as you want it. You can also move the buttons and toolbars around far easier than you can in IE. Its the stylish girls choice, ladies.
  5. Its obviously the Christian choice. With Faith Browser, you can have a Bible verse at the top of your screen while you browse. And little heavenly icons, also.
  6. You can get it in pink.
  7. Also, less viruses, less pop ups, etc etc. But pink!!
Do it now, my little minions. Get Firefox.

Get Firefox!
PS - I bet Jesus would do it.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

So, I got pierced up again yesterday.

This is how my right ear looks. Notice how pretty it is?

I'm fond of my right ear. I got the top two piercings done in January, and they have only just eventually healed. There's a stupid story as to why its taken so long, which I might as well tell to you now. By you, I mean myself, because I'm the only one who reads this blog. I read all my old entries and chuckle, and slap myself on the back for what a comical genius I am. If only other people read this blog, I would be a celebrity of sorts. I'd be chumming it up with Paris Hilton right this moment, sipping martinis and comparing puppies. It would have been cool, but no.

Anyway, my ear. I got the piercings in January, like I've previously said. I'd been at a pastoral care course that day in Carlisle, and while Rachel innocently went to a meeting, I decided on the spur of the moment to make the trip down Botchergate to Mike's Tattoos. I figured it I left it to the spur of the moment I would be less prone to nerves and girly fear. I thought I'd done pretty well.

So I cough up the money, and the piercing girl neatly, quickly and expertly does my ear. I'm trying very hard to be polite - the last time I had a piercing (the ones second from the bottom in both my ears) I offended the hairdresser, hence why they're uneven. So I'm sitting there, and I realize the room is spinning and I'm suddenly drifting away into the clouds on a unicorn made of cheese.

"Excuse me, but I'm about to faint. One moment."

Yeah, I'm far too British for my own good sometimes. It shames me. When I woke up, I said "Oopsy daisy!" I still curse myself for that, to this day.

So when I got home with my brand new ear holes, I was determined to look after them. Between me and my mother, we purchased about 5 bottles of antiseptic fluid/witch hazel/piercing solution/bleach. I religiously applied a nice blue bottle of antiseptic fluid 3 times a day, and kept a spray bottle of wound disinfectant in my handbag, for unforeseen circumstances, like puppies licking my ear. My ear felt all clean and tingly and uninfected, and I was so damn proud.

After a few days of this nice clean tingling sensation, I noticed that my ear had gone yellow. Feeling sure that I'd picked up a deadly skin eating virus from the day before when I'd only applied cleaning fluid twice, I resolved to clean it more often. That day I cleaned it about 5 times.

However, my ear started getting worse. By this point it was entirely yellow - and not like a normal yellow either, like a very bright lemon yellow that isn't normally assosiated with skin tone - and peeling. Oh, the peeling. The tingling had started to become a small, throbbing burn now.

Maybe some of you are seeing where I am going with this. I did not. I decided that maybe this was normal, and ignore it for the rest of the day. It was only then, when I was checking the instructions on the antiseptic juice, to see how often I could put it on before my ear curled up and died, that I noticed that I had done wrong.

You were supposed to dilute the stuff. One cap full per litre of water. I'd been putting it on neat. I might as well have been applying the bleach.

Some day I'll learn. However, today is not that day. I have got the exact same piercings done in my left now as my right, give or take the flesh tunnel. My intention is that when the things heal, my ears will look all identical and pretty. That hasn't happened yet. Behold, my ear of doom.

Terrifying isnt it? Its like a monster among the ear world. At the moment the wound is still all raw and bleeding, but in the next few days it will start the unbearable healing/itching phase. I look forward to it.

PS - Yeah, I fainted this time as well.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today, I ate my first pie.

It was a mince and onion pie, from the Crafty Baker in the arcade. It was slightly bigger than my palm, and I ate it cold. I also ate some shortbread on the way back from the shop.

I'd never eaten a pie before. I guess I've just never been offered one before. I have nothing against pie eating - it just never really interested me. I prefer to spend my time blogging and meticulously adjusting my myspace so I look scener than you. Anyway. I got teased alot about the lack of pie digesting in my life. People just didn't seem to understand.

I always imagined my first pie would be part of some sort of gourmet feast - I wouldnt want my first pie to be a bad experience, after all. Maybe in a restaurant, or on a day out with friends. I thought there'd be other people around at least, to support me and cheer me on. It wasn't how I expected it to be.

A colleague suggested some pie buying in town. It was a spur of the moment thing. This is the pie.

And this is me with the pie.

I was quite nervous, but I did it. It tasted sort of mincey, and oniony, and sort of pastry like round the edges. I was surprised. I guess I didn't really know what to expect.

It was ok. I always imagined pie would be better though.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

See? Jesus also drives a BMW.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Life is complex. Sometimes I get confused, and it gets me down. For this reason, I have decided to let Google help me. Surely Google, the light of my life, and the fire of my heart, will know what I need? I think so. I am willing to believe anything.

  1. Vickie needs reassurance. This is not her terrain. She is an activist, not a street fighter. Amen to that! I am not a street fighter, I am a Jedi Knight. I am glad someone finally gets me. I wonder if Google is single...?
  2. Vickie needs to find the answer. Was it an accidental overdose, or murder? Totally! That question has been bugging me for ages. I'll so get sacked from the detectivehood if I don't figure it out soon.
  3. Vickie needs to be rid of a man who clearly doesn't love her and is using her as a pawn in some kind of 'plan' for either power or revenge or both! I hate it when people treat me like a pawn. You are all MY pawns. You should know that by now. Good pawns.
  4. Vickie needs to know, little pumpkins, or she won't be able to exaggerate it and spread it all over Texas. Yes, my little pumpkins. I need your secrets, now. Because I'm a detective, in the detectivehood. Yeah! And I would never exaggerate anything. Ever. Especially in Texas. You're my little pumpkins. I wouldn't do such a thing to you. TELL ME SECRETS NOW!
  5. Vickie needs a blog. Sorted!
  6. Vickie needs to stand up and tell Vince off for the hateful things he's making the wrestlers say. But Vince is so intimidating! He hangs with wrestlers, for goodness sake! He could crush me with his nasal hairs alone. But I suppose, its not fair on the wrestlers to be used like that. He treats them like his pawns. They're mine. Hello wrestlers! Yes, you are my pawns. Big, fighting pawns. You will be useful, you will.
  7. Vickie needs a thing that glows in the dark and scares her silly if she should wake up in the middle of the night. That would be so cool! I've always wanted a night light. Or, some sort of trendy glow in the dark object. My parents bought my dog a night light, but I've never had one. It hurts.
  8. Vickie needs to take Calculus 112, and by doing thus it is certain she shall die! But I don't want to die! But Calculus 112 does sound tempting. It might be worth it. I'll hold the idea in prayer, anyway.

(I may have just given in to all my blogging morals and posted a meme. Possibly. Not definitely. I'm sorry, I gave in. I'm sorry, ok???!? Sometimes I run out of writing fuel.)

(To have endless hours of amusement yourself, google your name then "needs.")

Thursday, June 15, 2006

You know how it is. Once you've had one piercing/tattoo, you get insatiable urges for another. And another.

I suppose I have quite an addictive personality, so maybe I suffer from the body mod munchies, as I call it, more than most. When they overcome me, it becomes all I can think about. Often, its not even a particular piercing I want - I just want any. I suppose this is how people end up with faces primarily made up of metal, but I am a long way off yet, so I will humour these urges while I'm still young.

I am going to Mike's Tattoos on Wednesday hopefully with Joe. He is getting something new to add to his collection of skin art, and I am getting some new bits of metal jabbed through my skin. Possibly in my ear I think. I'm not sure where yet however. This is what my ear looks like currenty. Well, my right one anyway. My left one is very different.

See, I'd quite like an industrial, like this. Possibly without the spikes. And in a pastel colour. You can get some pretty ones from Extreme Metal. Stripey ones infact. I like them.

I'm not sure if I'll get one though. I'm afraid that it'll look rather enflamed and not so feminine. I might get some half way up my left ear, so it looks a bit more even instead. I will decide two minutes before the needles goes in.

Speaking of needles, I am also getting urges to get inked myself. I have nothing against tattoos in general, but I'm pretty fussy about them. There's nothing worse than an ugly, common tattoo in a stupid place. Though this one did amuse me. If i was an uber nerd, I would so copy this guy. Hardcore RAWK!

If I did get a tattoo - which I am very very tempted to indeed - I would get something that represented freedom through Christ, because that's something that will always stay with me. And it would have to be quite small. And pretty. And not obvious. Might affect job prospects, after all. My jobs rather important to me. It takes me to Alton Towers.

As to where... I'm using the process of elimination more than anything. I wouldnt get it done at the bottom of my spine, because thats probably the fattest part of me, and I'd rather not draw attention to it. I wouldn't get it done on my ankle for a similar reason - I dislike feet. I wouldn't mind one on my shoulder, but it might be too obvious. And with certain necklines, it wouldnt look so great. At the moment, I'm favouring the very back of my neck - that way, I can hide it with hair if needed.

I will continue contemplating.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My job is better than yours! Oh yes it is! This year, I have got to go to Alton Towers twice, and get paid for it. The first time we took 50 young people, so that was rather hard work, but this week we went as a team building day. We went on lots of rides, and ofcourse, had a good team building experience. Yeah!

To confirm, my job is better than yours.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today I have been enjoying the rather good weather, which is very out of charactor for Penrith. I have been in the garden at work writing an essay - handily, the garden has a plug in the wall. I'm unsure why, but its very useful indeed. As is the wireless internet connection, and the wonders of laptops. Anyway, because I was more intent on writing about participation and democracy than ardently sunbathing, and I have ended up firetruck red all down my left hand side, while still managing to stay a sickly pale on my right. Its rather embarrasing - the only thing I can thing of doing, other than getting out the magic markers and colouring myself in, is to grit my teeth and let my right hand side get sunburnt tomorrow. Its gonna hurt.

The Penrithian wildlife was out in force today. Penrithian wildlife is more friendly than most however. Also, more bizarre. While out walking the ghetto puppy, I saw some alpacas on the top of the beacon. Seriously. I have no idea why Penrith is abundant with alpacas, but it always has been. Ah, well.

Back in the garden, I also made several new friends. The first was a morbidly obese cat, who shared my love of my laptop.

He also licked the screen, sat on my books and chewed the power cord. I like to think he was trying to help, but yeah.

There was also a friendly frog who hopped out the hedge and sat in my shoe. He was a very cute frog, but I didn't really appreciate him being in my shoe. Zeb tried to persuade me to kiss it, to see if it would turn into a handsome frog prince, but the frog ran away while I was still contemplating. I guess I'll never know.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

For Joe -

This pain will never subside.
I am lonely, lonely as a delicate little flower
Wilting in the harsh bitter air of winter.
My loneliness is all I have left in my soul.
I breathe this heartbreak in
But never out.
This pain will never subside.
I miss you.

Joe set me a challenge to write an emo poem, with certain words in. The words he requested are in bold. I got them all. I am ace!

Hooray for Vickie! Down with Joe!
I made a picture, to mark this beautiful moment.

PS - The poem is not real. I'm not that emo...