I'm not letting myself start any sewing projects before I finish my current one. I'm making a patchwork bag - like the one I carry around all the time that I made when I was 10 - out of my bulk collection of gingham fabrics. I've figured out a way to finish the top of it off without looking shoddy/the handles falling off, which I'm relieved about it. I'm going to unpick a hole in the bottom of the lining, sew the lining to the outer quilted part right sides together, then shove my hand in the hole and pull. Seriously, it works. My problem at the moment is that because I left a bigger seam allowance on the quilted outer part than the lining, my lining is huge, so I'm having to cut it down to size somehow, which is hard on 3D objects. It has to be exact too, so that the diameter at the top is exactly the same as the diameter of the quilted outer bit. Feel free to give me any magical tips.
< /end sewing rant >

Tomorrow I drive to Scotland to see my boyfriend and bring the New Year in Nazarene style, whatever that is. I have a giant bag of Kendal Mintcake for the journey, about 3 sets of directions (Just in case.) and a camera.

I am very excited =]

I hope you all have a really happy New Years! I'll be thinking of some resolutions to bore you with tomorrow. I'm in new PJs currently, about to drink milk and watch Friends until I'm blissfully sleepy, and tell Joey jokes in my sleep.

Night night everyone!

Cumbria is klassy with a k.

Exhibit A - The infamous sign you're greeted with at Penrith train station. "Keep back from platform edge or you may get sucked off." This is why I drive, and don't hang around the train station much.

Exhibit B - The new sign at one of the main car parks in our fair city, Carlisle. I know that technically the toilets down at the viaduct have always been called that, but when they made the new sign - sometime in the past few months - you'd think that they'd put it in a small font, perhaps? Or just do what any other normal toilet does and not have a name? What about that, creators of Town Dyke Toilets? Eh?

Exhibit C - In Carlisle, Sweet Baby Jesus can actually electrocute you. Rose went to check it out for herself, the wee scamp. I'm presuming the three men looming over the wee bairn are wise men, though they look somewhat more sinister to me. I had a nightmare before about falling asleep in my car in a secluded car park and then waking up and realising I was trapped in a notorious dogging haunt, and these electrical wise men remind me of the men in that dream a bit. Is that heretical? I think someone is spiking my orange juice.

I couldn't sleep last night, which is odd. I usually sleep like dead bovine on Kalms. It was 4am when I got to sleep, and I'd been in bed with no TV/Internet since 12. I realise that this is no big deal to all you hardcore insomniacs, but for me it was really confusing. I hope I sleep tonight, because in my weird sleep deprived state I'm going insane - I nearly had a panic attack in Topshop today because it was so busy. I'm feeling incredibly shy about normal social situations too.

I dislike this alot.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I was worried incase my last post was a bit morbid, so I'm posting again. I didn't mean for it to sound depressing, I genuinely find my 15 year old emoness very funny. I hope none of you are too worried about my mental health.

I saw It's a Boy/Girl Thing today and it was alright. Standard chick flick. Storyline was predictable and comforting. I got quite into it and cringed alot, then cringed at myself for cringing.

Am craving comforts at the moment like ice cream and TV. Am also getting concerned about my weight, and at the same time getting concerned that I'm concerned about that. And now I'm a bit down about it, I'm too self conscious to go to the gym, and ahhh. I just want a bucket of Ben & Jerry's and Season 10 of Friends (which I just ordered, incidentally.). This must be how people get fat. Am I going to get fat? Ahhhh. Next, I'll be watching day time TV all the time (Lots of heartwarming stories about multiple births and conspiracy theories about the Titanic) and eating cakes that I didn't even bother making myself. Someone help me, please.

The coolest thing I discovered today was Lime Crime. It's a really cute design label that I covet. Will be thinking of how I can use them to inspire my next sewing project (after I've finished quilting this bag, that is.)

I've found a few of my old journals recently. They amused me, because of the high level of teenage angst. My favourite is my prayer journal, because it's so raw and uneditted. It actually starts off somewhat cute.

23rd March 2003 (14 years old)
"Thank you Jesus for all the Neopoints Anna gave me. Also, I pray that if my future husband ain't a Christian yet, he better become one soon."

24th March 2003 (14 years old)
"Ello God! I'm sorry I didn't clean out Ratty today. I'll try and do it tomorrow."

April 2003 (15 years old)
"You care about me more than a duck! I'm so precious, thank you!"

However, then I got emo, and fell into the trap of thinking that if I list depressing words, that automatically makes something poetic.

Summer 2003 (15 years old)
"Without you I'm empty,
Living a lie, living a nightmare
Dying, bleeding, hurting, hating
Destroying myself without You."

That summer, I also started writing feministy lists.

"I CAN form functional relationships with girls.
I CAN take pride in my female identity."

Then, I wrote the most amazing emo masterpiece of them all. It's 16 pages of handwritten, full volume angst from a residential. Because of the length, I'll just quote bits - I know you all want to have at least a flavour of my 15 year old heartache.

"I feel so isolated... no one understands. I really just want one person who will."
"Stop showing off. I hate you all. Stop pretending you're super spiritual, you're not! I hate you all."
"You all look down on me. Pitying me. Giving me advice I don't care about and don't need. I know. I don't want to take advice off you. I hate you. I hate them all. Why can't I be more like them?"
"I can never trust anyone again!"
"I'm worse than you! I admit it, ok? I admit it. I'm pathetic, I need help. I'm worthless."
"And don't you dare try to touch me! I hate you. I can never trust anyone again. Ever. Ever. Ever."
"Look at them all. Seeking God. Being so ****ing holy and good."
"I hate them. I hate them. They're being so nice! Why can't I be like that?"
"I should die. DIE! Bleed to death. Slash myself until there's no skin left to cut..."
"Did I mention I HATE THEM ALL?"

Thankfully, before I start writing suicide notes, whatever was causing my torture ended. I can't actually remember what it was. All I remember is getting moody because a leader went to talk to one of my friends after a meeting and not me. Ah, the joys of adolescence.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I have this magical sitemeter that gives me stalkerish details of everyone who visits this site. I know the exact browser and precise screen resolution of all of you, as well as how long you stay for, what links you click on and how you got here. Just so you know.

My favourite thing about my sitemeter is that it tells me when people find this blog using search engines like Google. Usually people just search for "Vickie the Dictator" or something logical, but a worrying amount of people stumble accross this site by searching for disturbing, and possibly illegal things.

I bring this all up because someone found me by searching for "husky peeing in the garden photos" on Google. I'm on page three of the results at the moment. I think this is awesome, and it has made my day.

I got up at 7am as planned this morning with the intention of going swimming. I found out at 7.30am, after driving several miles on black ice, that the swimming pool is closed until 2nd January. Bummer.

However, because I've been awake since an obscene hour of the morn, I've had yet more time to do crafts. I also attempted to drive to the lake, but it didn't occur to me that black ice gets worse on ungritted farm roads. I got out alive though, and that's all that you need to know about my driving "skills"; on with the crafts.

I decorated these Dr Martens in summer actually, so I'm cheating really by showing them. It's just lots of pictures from gardening magazines stuck on with Copydex. I neatened the eyeletty bit with nail varnish, and the laces themselves are green ribbon and a bit of ductape. They're not weather safe yet though; I'll need some varnish of some sort before I can wear them in the rain.

This is an attempt at an apron from Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book. It looks cuter on than in the picture, but all my attempts at a photo looked somewhat trashy - it's difficult to effectively take a picture of your crotch and look well intentioned at the same time.

I put this skirt together this morning out of the same pattern I used the other day. Nothing really interesting about it, I just like the fabrics =]

Here's a really bad quality photo of kanzashi. Rachel taught me how to make them today and I'm already addicted - it's a Japanese fabric origami art. Here's a link if you want to learn how to do them yourself - the basic ones like I did are pretty easy.

Tomorrow, I give blood and sing carols. At the same time, apparently.

Out of sheer boredom and sewing machine lust, I've turned into one of those weird people who have hobbies. I've sewn for several hours a day, and I'm waking up tomorrow at 7am to go to the Early Riser's Swim. Next, I'll be writing letters to craft magazines speaking of my interfacing problems. I disgust myself.

Anyway, I thought I'd attempt to be sociable and share my creations with the world. Because it's only light for about 4 hours a day and my camera doesn't take anything of acceptable quality in the dark, I don't have photos of everything yet. I'll try and take something decent and arty tomorrow.

For now, here is a skirt. It's made using a Burda pattern. It has satisfied my gingham obsession for at least 48 hours - I used two different colours, incase you're colour blind or the image server is down. I even put the zip in myself! I usually cheat and let my mum do it. It was a really easy pattern actually, I'm using it again at the moment with some posh fabric, but in a longer length.

And here's detail of the hem - there's 8 bows altogether. Because of my morbid fear of hand stitching, the lace is machine stitched on with "invisible" thread.

I also made a bag this morning as a present for my younger cousin (I hope she's not a younger, computer savvy cousin, or Christmas will be alot less surprising all of a sudden...). I have quite a bit of fabric left over so I think I'll turn the rest into another bag or a skirt panel or something. We'll see. I wish I'd had a bit more time (or some decent buttons, instead of having to resort to the badge box), but it turned out alright. You can't tell, but the inside is lined too. No pockets though.

All my make up has ran out at once, so I'm having to restock pretty much everything. My hair straighteners have also gone kaput, so I'll probably have to splash out on new GHDs too. Today I chose my new foundation from Benefit - the fact that the packaging made it look like a tiny book won me over. I always feel such a fool in make up departments - you either get attacked by swarms of locust-like sales assistants, or ignored. Today I got ignored, so had to make a big effort to look like an exceedingly rich person who needed to buy foundation, now. If you're interested, the factor that eventually made the locust girls come swarming towards me was spraying myself with Chanel No. 5.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We made this for our Communications project. It makes me look very, very intelligent indeed. You'll diggit.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I am an overly proud auntie to William Edward. Isn't he the most wonderful thing you've ever seen?

Just look at the wee mittens!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For all my hardcore fans and stalkers, you can now watch a video of me talking about my placement on my church's website. Click on "NMCC Placement" and let the fun begin.

Notice how I do a couple of dance moves from the birdy song, get distracted by a kid screaming and sway manically from side to side. I am cool.