Things that have entertained me today:

1. Getting banner advertisements on Christian Bloggers.

2. My young people's latest excuse. During a prayer time at church this morning, the kids infront of me were fighting loudly about who had hit who first, so I tried to shut them up.
Me: Shhhh!
Youth: But I'm praying!
Me: Never do it again.

I am an awful youth worker.

3. Finding out that I'm #281 on the Technoranki blog chart.

4. Realising that National Trust membership is dirt cheap when you're under 25. Who fancies buying me a present?

5. Deciding on the pretty phone I want to own next. My old one is verging on extinction, and this one involves flowers.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I have brand new embarrasing photos! Yay! I know you've all been praying for them for a while now, so here we go.

This is my dear boyfriend, with some pepper. Doesn't he look peppy! Haha! Geddit? (Someone shoot me, please.)

This is Pennie, pretending to be drunk. Ironically, she was driving so she wasn't drinking. She's just that photogenic.

This is my lover again. You can tell why I like him so much.

It seems I got angry when no one would bring me wine.

You don't even want to know what I'm holding. If you can figure it out, you're a sick individual. Sick and wrong.

This is me and my lovely friend Chris, who is as joyous as a frolicking squirrel in a field, who's also on acid.

This is Chris showing me his engagement finger. He seems pretty happy with himself.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I made a skirt last night with ambulances on it. It excited me alot.

I farted at work tonight and blamed it on one of the kids. I'm going to burn in hell.

EDIT: Here's some amazingly artistic and creative photos of the skirt and matching headband. Swoon at my superior camera skills that don't make me look emo at all.

I made a new dress. I ran out of coat hangers so I had to pin it to the wall. Will take photos of me myself in it soon, when I've stopped being such a lazy lump.

I'm back in halls now but none of my homies are here yet, boo! Am ill and dependant on interaction from overworked MA students to sustain me. So far I've just kept them awake alot by using the sewing machine loudly and coughing my major organs out in my sleep. They are going to love me.

I also have a car. Hurrah! It needs pimped.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My iPod has been on shuffle recently, and it blatently hates me. I have 4GB of songs on the thing, and it insists on playing my four N*SYNC tracks constantly whenever I give it half a chance.

Maybe I was never meant to be "cool" in the first place, anyway.

I just went for a near-midnight drive to clear my head. There's nothing like listening to heavy metal at full blast in the pouring rain. Especially in the Lakes.

Also, can hiccups harm you? I have really bad ones at the moment and they've so far made tears stream down my face and retch. I better go Google that.