Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Because I very rarely blog in a diary form, I figured I would give a brief update of the more interesting things I've done this year. This is mostly but not entirely because I like writing lists.

- I went to the Philippines with a beautiful Scandinavian nudist. We spent most of it island hopping around deserted beaches, snorkelling through coral reserves and eating. It was great.

- I bought an adorable little tortoise called Sophie. She's tiny and amazing. She just proved once and all her theological alliegences by doing her bi-weekly poop on top of a Matthew Henry's Bible Commentary.

- Kat got me a job in H Samuel with her, which is oddly fun. It's fuelled an obsession with jewellery which is taking up a worrying amount of my life. Jake works there too now which is ace.

- Rob and I reached our one year going-out-anniversary. The celebrations involved steak, cake and Star Trek, which makes us very cool.

- I've toyed with the idea of getting dreadlocks for months, and have decided against it. However, if work is ok with it, I might dye my hair purple.

- I've personally caused all of the world's environmental problems by going on 17 flights in 12 months, which makes another fun list because it makes me look interesting.
Manchester - Belfast
Belfast - Manchester
Liverpool - Nice
Nice - Liverpool
Manchester - Qutar
Qatar - Manila
Busuanga Island - El Nido
El Nido - Puerto Princessa
Puerto Princessa - Cebu
Cebu - Manila
Manila - Qatar
Qatar - Manchester
Manchester - Dublin
Dublin - Manchester
And planned for the New Year:
Manchester - London
London - Chicago
Chicago - Manchester

This is one of the many reasons why I don't have as much money as I'd like.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My face, aged 11.

Being taller than everyone else, aged 17.

With pants, aged 19.

Doing a Baywatch impression in my fat stage, aged 15.

Letting a boyfriend do my make up, aged 16.

Going through a scene stage, aged 17.

With a goose, aged 18.

Youth work, aged 17.

Interpretative dance, aged 16.