Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If anyone can help me sort out the oddly wide Twitter on my blog, I'd appreciate it; there's nothing in it's code to suggest it should be fat, and nothing in my code to suggest it would let anything be fat. Saying this, my knowledge of html is limited to the copy+paste button.

I had ONE glass of wine last night and I feel hungover, which is fun when you're in an Old Testament Law class. Steve just gave me a Twix bar, which helps.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yesterday I figured out that if I pull hard enough, I can pull my eyebrow hairs out with my bare hands, but I'm pressed to find a practical use for this in every day life. I've got 2699 words to write for tomorrow and I've heard it's too late to ask for an extention. I think I'm supposed to be presenting a piece of group work and related problems to my Group Work class in 20 minutes, but I don't think anyone will turn up because they have lots of words to write too. Maybe I can go home and play with my simmies for a while.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I woke up this morning, went to the toilet, and found this.

Look at it! Waiting! That could have been PAINFUL. Seriously, a wasp on your toilet paper. Ow.

Sarah has been comforting me with happy notes in lectures. I like Sarah.

Yaaaaay fun time revenge!

I just read through 89 pages of lolcats trying to find one that would perfectly express my current mood, and this won by far.

Today, at work, I hit my head because I didn't realise that glass was infront of my face. There's a bump. A well meaning manager told me to "submerge my face in water for at least 10 minutes" so that I didn't get poorly. I'm considering it.

Sophie is trying to be a lolcat. She fails, because she is a tortoise.

Today, I found the lolcat bible. It's making my essays so much more fun.

Psalm 22

1 omg y u haz left me? I iz cryin it is no can haz be hugs time now?

2 I callz u all dai, u no talk. I callz all nite, I no can haz sleepz.

3 u is on teh thrones, gettin praised by teh Israel.

4 u is be gettin trusted by teh ancesters. u is savin themz.

5 they was be callin u and ezcapin from dangerz. dey was be trustin u.

6 I is no longer bein cat. now iz just worms. nobody wants it to haz be hugs time now.

7 everyone seez me iz liek "lolcat" and shakez headz.

8 dey iz liek "u luv teh cieling cat, he no saves u. lolcat, he no liek u."

9 u made me born safe. u luv me when I haz waz bein cute kitten in bowl.

10 I luvz u alwayz, u alwayz iz watchin me masticate.

11 Dun go! No one else will halp. srsly.

12 OK so there iz buckits all around.

13 dey is haz me! oh no!

14 me is wax cat. wax cat is wax and haz no strengths.

15 throat iz liek dry. my tongue is in my mouth, stickin.

16 dere is invisible bikes round meh. dey runs over meh.

17 mah enemeez iz liek "we can see ur bonez"

18 dey iz liek "I get hiz clothez!"

19 Ceiling Cat! keep wachings!

20 dun let invisible bike hit me!


Sunday, April 06, 2008

I like myspace because people are funny. People give themselves silly names and I don't really understand why. These display names made me laugh.

Th@ N@m3's Mr. R0BiNs0n
According to a quiz he filled in, the first think Mr. RoBiNsOn thinks on waking is that maybe today is the day he'll find the perfect laydee.

Andre Betrayal™(2.5K) PWNS
Ironically, Andre Betrayal states in his About Me that he would die before he broke a promise.

Amelia Addiction™
Says, "Just so you know, I do have a life. Myspace is just an addiction."

Terrifyingly:) Hurt [Bri]
Bri (I'm presuming that's her name) is single/taken AT THE SAME TIME. She describes her man friend as a knight wrapped in toilet paper, which sounds exciting.

Unfortunately, not Jake Thirkell. jawbreakerJakeee is 15 and promises to drink, smoke and fuck until the day he dies. Sadly, jawbreakerJakeee is too young to legally partake in any of these activities, so I'm presuming that's why he spends so much time on myspace.

Micky Massacre™ [is.drop.dead.gorgeous]
Like 4/10 people on myspace, Micky Massacre is "the most random person you will ever meet."

‡?»Thøm姫¿‡ ¦32.5k¦
Thomas has such an exciting myspace life that apparently "it be like lights, camera action when I sign in my pro.
I'm still waiting.

~Ѥ‡õ®ïôü§~ xEviLxSiNx ™
Apparently goes by the name Sin in real life and has a 3 year old boy called Ryan.

It's Cody Bitch®[14.3k]
Cody loves "tanning, myspace and my phone."

Eventually, someone who lives up to their name! Jonny boy wants to become a mortician when he's all grown up. His myspace tag line is "I want to smell the scent of your insides as I cut open your stomache and play with your guts and intestines" which is friendly.

Is going to make all our new trends old news. I'm waiting.

Wants to know "where mah dawgs at." I don't know, Rinker. I really don't know.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I just had a weekend lecture marathon and I'm so tired. On the plus side, the rash that has infested my body for the past few days has subsided and I'm slightly less itchy. I have somewhere to live for the next year now which is exciting; I'm moving to Fallowfield with Kat and Anoush. I'm quite excited about sorting through all my clothes and putting them into piles, but am trying to keep the sorting-things-into-piles urge at bay until I've either finished all my essays (Currently, I'm on 0/5) or get some phychological help.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Seriously, the Goa'uld get to wear all the cool clothes. I'm supposed to be doing an essay on a Psalm, but I can't decide which Psalm. Oh dear.

I ordered takeaway from a new place last night and it was quite nice. They gave me free poppadoms. I think I might try and teach myself to french plait.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I gave into something I've been wanting to do for many years, and sorted all my Quality Street into neat piles and counted them. Incase you were wondering, here's the full list of how many sweets I have.

Toffee Deluxe: 19
Milk Choc Block: 8
Coconut Eclair: 10
Toffee Penny: 14
The Purple One: 7
Orange Chocolate Crunch: 5
Strawberry Delight: 10
Vanilla Fudge: 14
Caramel Swirl: 6
Orange Creme: 11
The Green Triangle: 7
Toffee Finger: 5

I enjoyed that too much.