Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I fancy writing some lists.

Vickie's favourite meals
1. Curry (Either the makani from Jalal Tandoori or the tikka massala from Sahowala)
2. That pasta with meat inside it with red pesto (Tesco's own), sweetcorn and garlic bread.
3. Bacon (smoked) and egg sarnie in crustless white bread covered in maple syrup.
4. Beans on toast
5. Nachos with mild salsa, goats cheese and lots of sour cream.
6. BBQ ribs.

Vickie's favourite flavours of Ben & Jerrys
1. Half Baked
2. Cookie Dough
3. Strawberry Cheesecake
4. Phish Food

Vickie's favourite gem stones
1. Tanzanite
2. Alexandrite
3. Sapphire
4. Aquamarine
5. Ruby
6. Anything with more than one colour - ametrine, watermelon tourmaline

Things Vickie spends too much money on
1. Jewellery
2. Curry
3. Beauty treatments
4. Ben&Jerrys
5. Flights
6. Sci fi dvds

Things that annoy Vickie
1. Not having any of the above things
2. People who boast
3. Vickie
4. Being cold
5. Gaining weight
6. Ugly babies
7. Not being able to find a parking space
8. People who ask for discounts at work

Things Vickie plans to do when she's older
1. Breed tortoises
2. Own a Smeg fridge/freezer
3. Go to a sci fi convention
4. Get dreadlocks
5. Have attractive children
6. Go back to the Philippines
7. Have cats with geeky names (Pikachu, Dr Zoidberg, Data, Lolcat)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I hit lucky and ended up being a hairdresser's model today. I didn't know what colour I wanted it, so I just told her to do anything that looks nice. My hair looks exactly the same but shinier, so I can't really complain. The hairdressing teacher man also told me I looked "expensive" and I'm not sure quite what he meant by that.

I experimented with false eyelashes today and failed miserably - my hand eye coordination isn't brilliant at the best of times, and it gets worse after I've poked glue in my eye for the third time. They all went in the bin.

It turns out that moudly bread tastes bad, which makes me sad, and slightly ill in my belly. I thought only hygiene freaks avoided eating mould but it turns out they have good reason. My mouth feels sad.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

1. I drove home from Asda at midday with my head lights on full.

2. My boyfriend somehow managed to get one of those things you hook round the toilet to make it smell pretty hooked onto his belt and didn't notice for hours. This reflects badly on me.

3. I've spent hours learning how to french plait round the back of my head and consider myself "productive."

4. I cried when my friend shaved his beard off.

5. I live in a house so damp my shoes/paintings are getting mouldy.

6. I have no idea how long a cm is. It's longer than I thought.

7. I can't get into my sock drawer because my chest of drawers has broken again so I'm wearing flip flops in October.

8. I fell out the bed.

9. I'm too shy to return a skirt that's too small and all I have to do is fill out a form and put it in the post. I don't want to be a pain.

10. I cried when I couldn't find the 67.5g packets of boil in the bag rice in the supermarket.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I bought some new shoes on eBay. They have flowers on them. I'm rather excited.

I've started eating Quorn a lot because it's apparently healthier and super low fat etc, but I've just felt really bloated since I started eating it. Might go back to chicken, but not sure if I can deal with the responsibility of buying food that rots quicker than I can leisurely eat it.

I haven't fed my tortoises yet but they look pretty healthy so fingers crossed they can go another day without food. I'll feed them extra tomorrow. Have some washing to do but too cold to dry anything anyway unless I rescue my drying rack back off my housemates, and that might be more hassle than it's worth. I'll just buy new clothes instead. Kat bought me a pretty bracelet today. It's blue and green. I like it.

Am putting off the difficult decision I make every other day; do I have a shower now (it's cold and I'm tired) or put it off until the morning (I'll be more cold and more tired, but IT'S NOT NOW.). Hair wise, it's a big deal too; I used to be able to just sleep on my hair and never brush it and it would be suitably wavy and dreadlocky, but my hair isn't damaged enough to do that now. I realise I shouldn't miss having hair that half dreadlocks over night because it used to freak out my more hygienic friends, but I grew fond of it, and it was a nice compromise between having dreadlocks and not having them. If I wash my hair in the morning, I usually french plait it then take the plaits out the next day. It looks pretty but that way I only have one day of curly haired goodness, and I have to spend 4 minutes doing my hair, which is far too long. Maybe if I don't condition my hair then sleep on it it'll curl easier. If some of my hair falls out because of it I don't really care, I could do with it being thinned out anyway.

I really miss wine.

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It's very cold today so I've stayed in bed. It's 3.20pm at the moment which means I should probably get out soon. I had many good intentions for today (make detailed colour coded chart of when all my essays are due, wash up, take new toothpaste out of box) but the only thing of note I've managed to do is watch 5 episodes of Black Books on 4oD. I choked on my happy pills too and dribbled all down my dress, but thankfully the only people who saw that were the slugs that live on my kitchen floor. I stood on one (with bare feet) a few weeks ago so my relationship with them is fairly tenuous at best. Also, we have mice.

I saw a youtube video of a pet pig doing tricks the other day and now really want a peg piglet, or at the very least a kitten that makes snorting noises. I'm very fond of my tortoises but they're cold most of the time and I find it difficult to relax cuddling them because they poo so much.

I have a fairly strong craving (I'm blaming it on being so wonderfully British) to drink a lot of red wine and wear my wellies (pink with white spots) with a floaty skirt and a jumper that's not my own. I have no wine in the house though and the shop's at least a 2 minute walk away so I'll have to stay in bed and go on eBay. At the moment I'm waiting for a pretty phone to arrive (pink and cream with pretty swirlies) and a Karen Millen dress (covered in butterflies and a size too big so I can eat curry while I wear it).

I've decided to learn how to make origami cranes (harder than I thought) so bye byes.