I left a depressing post at the top of my feed for far too long, and I'm sorry. It's going to go away now. I'll try and tell you all the incredibly exciting and amazing things I've been up to since I last blogged.

I worked an evening shift on Wednesday, but the traffic was crazy bad on my way to work, so I was running an hour late. I was quite content about it, to be honest; there was nothing I could do to get to work quicker, so I just sang along to bad dance music at the top of my voice for the whole two hours I spent in the car. While I was on the phone to work, I got stopped by a police lady who told me off for using my mobile while driving.

Eventually, I was about two minutes away from the car park. Dance music was still playing really loud. Traffic lights went green, I drove into the roundabout, middle lane. A car on my left was in the wrong lane and was about to drive into me, so I dart to the right, but there's a huge ruddy truck there; it hit me behind my back wheel and my tiny little car spins in a circle then crashes into the middle of the roundabout, just in front of a Subway sign. I burst into tears but all I could actually think about was whether I'd broken my phone or not because I wanted to ring Boyfriend and it had flown off my lap during all the spinning.

It turned out my car was fine; it has a bump and the wheels are probably a little worse for wear, but that's it. I'm trying to figure out how to keep it a secret from my parents. I was a shivering wreck for about 20 minutes, then adrenaline kicked in and I went to work and talked very very fast and shook a lot. Which isn't ideal when you're selling diamonds, but made it much more interesting.

On Thursday, I went into the kitchen to have breakfast. We have a serious mice problem in our house, and the kitchen was covered in mouse poop (This is probably a good place to point out that it's not because I live in a den of student filth; I have an insanely clean housemate who stops that from happening). It was all over the floor, all over the shelves, inside my freezer bag, inside the breadbin, on the bread... you get the idea. I'd left my medication out, and there was two tablets missing. Just as I was staring at the packet and getting confused about it, my housemate told me that she found a dead mouse under the sink that morning. Coincidence? I think not.

Friday I was at work again. My shift started at 9; I was so tired I couldn't even hide it by shovelling on make up. I served the cheesiest old man; he walked up to me and said, "I asked for the prettiest sales assosiate in the shop, and they told me to go to Victoria!" I fixed his watch for him, and whenever I asked him a question he replied with something a long the lines of "Only if I get to spend more time with you!" It was kind of cute, in a creepy way. Boyfriend and me got through a whole day without anyone at work making bad jokes about us; our work names are David and Victoria, so at the moment most of the jokes have a similar theme: "Ay Posh, where's Becks? Hahahahaha!" My co-workers are classy folks.

* Pros - it might be tingly!, the possibility of blowing bubbles
Cons - probably not cool, would be unfortunate if it got stuck