Seriously, I'm so going to play that joke on my future daughter some day. Please play along.

I ran out of meds at the weekend, so I've been having crazy person withdrawal symptoms all week; entertaining for the first day, but just embarrassing and inconvenient by the third. I was twitching and shaking constantly and everything around me looked like it was going twice as fast as it actually was. I made the mistake of going to get my eyebrows done to try and cheer myself up; by the end of it, I was sweating like a pig with the effort of not twitching. Also, Selfridges is really hot. I think my mood was summed up by a conversation I had in my car on Monday:

Me: Do you want a lift to college tomorrow?
Rob: Sure!
Me: Just because, if you do, you HAVE to come early.
Rob: Erm, ok...
Me: Because it is SO disrespectful if you don't. Seriously, I'm doing you a favour and you make me wait around? You know how stressy that makes me. It makes me REALLY mad. I'm getting mad now just thinking about it. Just PROMISE you won't be late, ok?
Rob: Ok...?

I must have been a fun friend this week... thankfully I managed to get to the docs today so I'm happy again. I also learnt my lesson about being disorganised with doctors appointments.

I did an insanely embarrassing thing yesterday morning; our street is having work done on all the houses, so there's scaffolding up and builders at my bedroom window constantly. They knocked on our door on Tuesday morning to tell us that we wouldn't be able to use the front door for a few hours the next day because they were cleaning the walls or something, and arranged a time for us to be out. They were very nice, actually. Anyway, the next day I leave the house at the agreed time and go to my car. As I'm getting in, one of the builders starts shouting at me. I can't really hear what he's saying; it sounds something pervy, so I just shout out, "You wish!" and start looking for my car keys faster. He starts laughing and replies, "No, I said are your housemates going to be out the house before nine?" I was so mortified!

I've spent the last few weeks playing The Sims 2 for about 7 hours a day, so here's some pictures of my virtual babies.

This is mummy Tilly with baby Bonnie and big sister Blythe, who are my favourite sims ever. Tilly's long term lover is an alien called Fry. There's also a bigger sister called Brodie who's a bit of a hussy.
This is Bonnie when she's older; isn't she hot!

This is Blythe's boyfriend, John. He has stupid hair but he's a nice guy.

This is Angel, who's a bit of a crazy cat woman now. She had twins; two incredibly ugly boys, who I'm very fond of just because they're fugly.

This is Kiera, who's insane. She's in a cult and had a bit of an accident with a mind altering machine, so is obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches.

This is Jessica, John's twin sister; she's actually quite pretty when she's not having a fat day and has spots all over her face.

I love my simmies :)

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