Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This, however, is awesome.

1. I suck at Farmville and it makes me a bit sad.
2. I find most status updates incredibly irritating. Seriously, so irritating that I want to jab you in the eye with a spork. Five years ago, back on myspace, I always had one or two friends who would irritate me with constant bulletins about the inane details of their life - now 500 people do, and there's only so many times I can read "I can't live without coffee in the morning!" or "Hanging out with my girls!" without my eyes rolling so far into the back of my head that I start being able to find vaguely appropriate metaphors. I'm as bad at that as I am at Farmville.
3. Unnecessary exclamation marks make my eyes bleed!!!!!!!!!!!!11
4. In "RL," I get very irritated by arrogant people and whiny attention whores, probably partially because I'm inclined to be both. Facebook magnifies those qualities.
5. Trying to think up my own status updates makes me depressed - if I was honest, they'd all be something like "Played World of Warcraft for 6 hours then had a nap" or "Realised I don't need to eat and shower as much if I leave my room less - win!" There's no way I can spruce that up with exclamation marks and lulz to sound good; I'm a miserable git. Status envy much?
6. The Farmville thing again.