I've started getting simulation sickness - getting motion sick when I play computer games. I've always felt a little bit sick if I'm doing something which makes the point of view very wobbly - I'm sure during Brewfest in World of Warcraft I actually got sick once - but now I feel gross really quickly. Running around quickly, flying, or just walking over bumpy terrain in Minecraft makes me start to sweat and go clammy. Not much I can do about it, but it's good to whine.

1. Bring their mother. Then get mummy to do all the talking.
2. Say how they speak fluent English in your CV... But not write it in fluent English.
3. Write fake or wrong phone numbers on their CV.
4. Apply for a temporary, part time job, when they want a permanent, full time job.
5. Say they can only work evenings and Sundays, in a shop which is clearly not open evenings or Sundays.
6. Apply for an almost minimum wage retail job when they expect £30k+.
7. Talking about how they got fired from their last job... While enquiring about a new one.
8. Ask if they can bring their carer to the interview.
9. During small talk, tell me the road I live on doesn't exist.
10. Tell us they're only applying to get the Job Centre off their back so they can keep their benefits.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When one of my housemates moved out, he left these stupid signs up all over the house. I ripped them off the walls today and it felt good.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Recently I've felt angry again, which has been truly wonderful. For years I've felt nothing other than, at best, apathetic and at worst despair, but now I have this other new emotion, and it's rather wonderful. When I have imaginary show downs with people in my head now, instead of them ending in me sobbing in my car because I imagined someone saying something mean to me, they end in me round house kicking them in the face while making a snappy comeback that not only makes them break emotionally, but makes the rest of the imaginary room guffaw with laughter, and sometimes even applaud my glorious victory over the offending imaginary douche bag. I hope I don't get into any real life confrontations any time soon because I'm going to be devastated if they end in anything other than a high five from everyone present.