Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eviana stepped into the forest pool. Like most things, bathing had become a private game to her.

The first rule, was be silent. Which was harder than it sounds, because despite the bright morning sun, the pool was still cold; the sun only shone directly onto it at midday. She tensed as the cold water reached her lower back, then bit her lip when it lapped at the bottom of her breasts. She didn't gasp, or cry out, though. She was good at her games.

The second rule was to create as few ripples as possible. She carefully moved her slim body through the water, taking tiny, perfect steps for as long as she could. She stretched onto the tips of her toes, her long auburn hair floating around her, and waited.

After a few short minutes, she was rewarded with the feel of a fish brushing against her thigh. Game forgotten, she giggled and ducked under water, and arose, soaking wet and still laughing. 

My red lips and tanned skin stood out against the snow. My battle worn leathers kept me warm enough, as long as we stayed moving. Right then, we were not.

My fellow adventurers - who had paid highly for my services in the first place, I may add - were lagging behind. 

"Hurry, warriors!" I said. "We aren't far from the dragon's lair. Glory awaits."

The talkative one of their group - more slight of build, with a beard that would have made a dwarf jealous - frowned slightly. "I... I'm not sure if we should go any further," he said. He didn't sound afraid, just confused. 

They all seemed much the same way; the two quiet, burly ones were huddled together like children. The pale, ice blonde woman hasn't spoken for days; at the start of our journey I'd presumed she was just a bit haughty, like the magi often are, but I was beginning to suspect she was just a bit simple.

My suspicions were confirmed when she stripped off her furs, revealing her stark naked, rounded body. Her breasts were full, and her skin was paler than her hair. Her eyes grew wide. "I'm cold," she whimpered. 

All at once, the men were upon her, holding her, stroking her, cradling her, whispering comfort. I dryly noted that not one of them suggested she put her clothes back on.

I stood apart from the group, on the crest of a small hill. My muscles were tense and ready to fight; something was wrong. I was suddenly aware of how my hip bones stuck out against my leather pants; the journey had been hard. I was baffled as to what magic had kept the pale woman so soft looking; her thighs should have been like steel after scaling several mountains. 

"Men! Be strong! Look at me! You'll die if you stay here!" I shouted. They didn't spare me a glance. 

I turned around; I could see the bridge to the fortress we'd been heading towards for the last week through the flurries of snow. I knew from experience how many sentinels patrolled it. I also knew how to sneak past them. This wasn't my first time pillaging from the coffers this dragon guarded.

I unsheathed my daggers. The light glinted off their well cared for blades. The grip was perfect. 

I turned away from the pathetic, mewling bodies behind me and walked alone towards the bridge.