Sunday, December 29, 2013

I often read poetry to myself, and thought I'd try recording it. This isn't something I wrote myself; you can see where it was originally uploaded here.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My mother used to put books on my head
Stand, kneel, stand, kneel, be graceful, be tall, stand straight.
I still stand straight.
"I'm fully aware of my own worth," I say, and I mean it.
I don't understand why loving yourself is an insult.
I don't understand, if you think you're worthless,
how it could mean anything to give yourself away.

A friend told me the other day that she can do what she wants
She's single, it doesn't matter, no one can stop her.
I didn't get it. I don't get how being alone means you don't matter.
I hope I matter. I act like I matter. I don't need a lover to give me worth,
to give me a new identity in a new life where I'll be happy and everything will be different.

I'm alive right now. I am not waiting to be rescued, for some simplistic story to begin,
the life I've led so far is more than a preface to You.

I am already the woman I want to be, for the most part.
In my solitude, I am already a girlfriend, I am already a servant, I am already a mother.
When I find You, love, I am ready to pour myself out.

I feel a little lazy making a blog post almost entirely made up of quotes from other people, but they're too hilarious, wonderful and/or terrifying to keep to myself.

These are all from first contact messages from men I've never spoken to before, mainly on Fetlife. Some messages are clearly copy+paste jobs, but some were written just for me.

- "I was trawling the site in hope of replacing my baby girl and was attracted by your face."

I think my friend's response to this sums it up best - "What?! Subs aren't hamsters!"

- "100% alpha dom 100% in charge 100% of the time and doesnt take no for an answer. got a few regular buddies I play with one of whom needs a little bit of persuading to be bi so any subby girls that want to play then get in touch"

Oh thank God, I only play with alpha doms! And that's how sexuality works, right? You just rub fannies on a girl until eventually she becomes a frothing-at-the-mouth threesome machine? Thought so. The Alpha Dom can't be wrong.

- "Hi...I know you are sub..but...I am in Manchester often...I am a reasonably good Dom...but an excellent pantie maid,,,"

I did like that this guy was upfront about his strengths, even if he did ignore all the basic information on my profile.

- "Love to see you as a school girl so I could tie and rape u"

Nice to meet you too!

- "Ever wanted to be Dominated and controlled by a Muscled Cage Fighter/Boxer with Model good looks. i Will Dominate your will and shatter you Ego"

"MY EGO IS A WRECKING BALL WHICH WILL CRUSH YOU WITH THE POWER OF MY DOMLINESS" is pretty much all I took away from this message.

- "Hi, would you like to try to give a horse a bj?"

No mate, I'm cool over here.

- "Great smile. Gonna block you if you don't reply."

Oh man, I better reply now! I can't let a man this bad at dealing with rejection slip through my fingers, he seems like a keeper for sure!

- "Sadly you're too tall for me which is a massive shame as you're beautiful and clearly intelligent... But can we be friends? X "