- I don't have an eating disorder. For the most part, I'm very body confident. I never skip meals, I eat plenty and I enjoy what I eat. I don't find it helpful when people accuse me of having a serious mental illness whenever I refuse a slice of pizza, and it makes light of a very serious and dangerous condition.

- However, I am absolutely obsessed with making myself weigh as little as possible. Part of it is just my personal aesthetic preference, part of it is just because it appeals to my control freak side, and part of it is because I desperately want to be tiny and delicate. I don't really understand that side of me.

- That obsession has become a huge part of my life. I weigh and measure myself constantly, and the mood I am is totally reliant on those numbers being acceptable to me. I set goals, and when I reach them, I set new ones straight away. I'm so strict with my carbohydrate intake I weigh out my lettuce leaves. I think about, talk about, read about, write about and watch shows about food all day. I body check a lot; if you ever see me with my hand on my stomach, that's what I'm doing.

- Not surprisingly, sometimes this can get a tad unhealthy, I take it too far and lose too much weight. I had a bad episode around Christmas; I recovered physically a few months ago, but mentally, I'm really struggling with getting used to myself at a healthier weight.

- I'm doing some physical training at the moment which has made me gain an awful lot of muscle weight, very quickly. Again, I'm really struggling getting used to my body and my weight changing. It makes me feel panicky and out of control.

- I was getting so upset whenever I weighed myself that I've had to hide my beloved scales for a while, til I'm feeling better. I know it's the best thing for my physical and mental health right now, but they were a huge part of my daily routine and a massive source of comfort to me, and I'm finding it really tough.

- I'd appreciate it if people didn't comment on me gaining weight. I've had a few really kind, genuine and well meaning comments along the lines of, "You look so much healthier now!" and "Your face looks better with more weight on you!" Even though I know my friends are complimenting me, it doesn't feel like a compliment at all right now and really stings.

- I would also be grateful if people didn't try and force food or alcohol onto me. I don't mind at all if someone offers me something - sharing is nice! - but I don't like being guilt tripped or put under pressure. And if I do give in and eat something I deem unhealthy, I feel guilty and upset for quite a while afterwards; it's not worth it.

Thank you everyone.